(Oct 18 2011) Cezar's Baptism:  On Friday we had Cezar's wedding and baptism!! It went very good! Cezar and his wife were so grateful that we were there and helped them through this whole process. I'm very glad and grateful I got to be there with him as well. Elder Taylor and I are the 4th set of missionaries to teach Cezar. Something clicked though when we taught him cause he was awesome when we taught him. He recognized all the blessings he was receiving from listening to us and from coming to church. Then after that was his baptism! He wanted me to baptize him! That was a pretty awesome experience, one because it was super hot outside and the water was cold, and 2 because I knew I had helped in performing a saving ordinance for someone else. It's just an amazing feeling to help others know the Plan of Salvation and know that there's more than just this life.

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