Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This week has been good. We went to Legazpi, which is the main island for zone training. The trip going there takes about 7 hrs for us. We were there Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

The training was really good. It was about finding new investigators while walking from one appointment to another. They also talked about a new area book that we have that focuses on new members and less actives. An area book is just a folder where we track all the records and progress of the people were teaching. 

It was good. It was just a long trip and really hurt our work to be out of our area for 3 full days. But what was awesome is that I got to see Elder Taylor! My trainer. He's the assistant to the president so I see him at every zone conference/training. He actually stayed the night at the same place where I stayed. So that was cool to be able to talk with him.

Me, Elder Taylor, Elder Hurst, and Elder Shepardson. Elder Shepardson is the one in my district and we go home at the same time, him and I are really close. Elder Hurst is his trainer, who was in the mtc the same time that I was. Elder Hurst and Elder Taylor were companions in the mtc and Elder Allen and I would always talk and hang out with them. So that might be kinda confusing.
This is what's called the Mayon. It's a perfect cone shaped volcano. It's actually active and most of the time has smoke coming out of the top of it. It's pretty popular in the Philippines cause it's literally like the perfect shaped volcano.
This is while were on the boat going to Legazpi. I thought it was cool cause that's a tiny island with houses and people living on it.

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