Monday, November 7, 2011

Rain, rain, rain!

So this week it has rained a ton! The picture is of a bridge we cross to get to one of our investigator's house.This is the bridge covered with water and me crossing it! Even with our pants rolled up we got soaked! So so wet! Plus it was raining. It was a very enjoyable experience. To get to the bridge is about a 20 min walk so we weren't about to turn back. That's why we just crossed it. But we have been avoiding the route since that time. But we'll probably start going that way again cause it's so much more time effective to go that way. We have to sacrifice a lesson if we go the other way.
Companion Talk: I really really like my companion Elder Ramos. We went on exchanges this week the the Elders assigned in Vinzons so i was with Elder Sabala in Talisay for a day and Elder Ramos was in Vinzons with Elder Fernandez. Elder Sabala doesn't speak any English. Well, he can say a few things but that's it. But I laughed with him a lot. I loved being with him for a day. But I am always glad when I'm able to be back with my companion. Elder Ramos and I just laugh a lot and get a long really well. I really like him. I'll probably only be with him for one transfer though. This transfer ends Nov. 28th i think. It's somewhere around the end of November. Elder Ramos will probably become a zone leader after this transfer in a different zone.

Mission News: This week is what's called Jubilee here in the Philippines. It's the 50th anniversary of the Church here in the Philippines! It's an all week thing but Elder Ramos and I are only going one day, Saturday I think.