Friday, August 26, 2011

Week 4

A snippet from Elder Salas:

"The language is definitely coming along! I'm getting a lot better at understanding what people are saying. I still struggle with it but I'm getting better. I'm teaching a lot more in lessons now. It feels really good to be a bigger part of the lessons. It really makes me feel more like a missionary. I cant wait till I'm really comfortable with the language and am able to teach and say whatever I want when I get the feeling to say it."

{Bro & Sis Neilson. He came to Elder S's area and spoke to the missionaries.}

{Steven and his companion, Elder Taylor}

Monday, August 15, 2011

Latest from the Phillipines

Elder Salas' mission president sent pictures this time. So there's no news from Elder S today.

These are his mission "parents."His name is Pres Bliesner and wife. He's assigned to the Daet zone and the Talisay area. His comp is Elder Taylor.

This is Elder S' district. He fits right in with the dark natives!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Email #2

This is where Ceasar lives! (Editor's note: Ceasar is the boyfriend of a member. He is interested in the church.) We went there and they weren't home so i decided to get a pic in front of their house. its pretty tiny and its above a little creek.

This is elder talyor and i with marycris and her siblings. marycris is a recent convert who were just teaching the lessons too and encouraging. her family is active and everything.

This is a jeepnee! we ride in those all the time! lots of times we just hang on the back cause theres no room inside. they get way packed and everyone drives like a crazo here!

The end of his email:

this week has been great! i love being here! i love being a missionary and teaching other people about the gospel! i cant wait till i know the language well enough to really be an effective teacher! i love and miss you guys! i cant wait to get the letters from you.

Monday, August 1, 2011

His first email!

Elder Salas recently sent us his first email and it had lots of pictures in it!

Hopefully he continues with the awesome picture taking. So without further's Elder Salas in the Philippines!

This bridge we have to cross to get to Marykris' house. So we cross it a lot!

The trail on the way to Elana's house from the Parlan families.

Also part of the trail to Marykris' house

Pikachu in the mall in Daet where we're emailing.

And the very end of his email:

i love being here! i love being a missionary again and wearing the missionary name tag! talisay is an awesome place to be serving in. i love it! and my companion elder taylor is such an awesome and humble guy! i love and miss you guys! but im so happy im here serving a mission! cant wait to here from you guys next week!
Elder Salas