Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Email #2

This is where Ceasar lives! (Editor's note: Ceasar is the boyfriend of a member. He is interested in the church.) We went there and they weren't home so i decided to get a pic in front of their house. its pretty tiny and its above a little creek.

This is elder talyor and i with marycris and her siblings. marycris is a recent convert who were just teaching the lessons too and encouraging. her family is active and everything.

This is a jeepnee! we ride in those all the time! lots of times we just hang on the back cause theres no room inside. they get way packed and everyone drives like a crazo here!

The end of his email:

this week has been great! i love being here! i love being a missionary and teaching other people about the gospel! i cant wait till i know the language well enough to really be an effective teacher! i love and miss you guys! i cant wait to get the letters from you.

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