Friday, March 30, 2012

Playing Catch Up

It has been WAY too long since I updated this blog! Since it's been so long, I'm going to just do pictures that Steven sent, since there would be too much to cover. 

I'm going to do oldest to newest:

This is a picture of our apartment! It's pretty big. But it's still nothing like an apartment in the states. It's one of the nicer ones in the mission though so I really like it. (Feb 2)
This is of an FHE/bday party we had for Sis. Ambrona. She's a 77 year old widow. So we wanted to do something for her so she was happy on her bday. (Feb 2)
This is just us at a bridge and I thought it would be cool to take a pic there. (Feb 2)

Elder Salas and Elder Datu (Feb 6)
An "American-ized" restaurant called Catherine's (Feb 6)
This is us at the FHE we had last monday. We have another one tonight. FHEs are always really fun but hectic. (Feb 6)

This is when I went on exchanges in Vinzons. One of the investigators houses we went to had a pet snake!! It was way cool! It was a pretty nice snake, it didn't bite or anything. But the elder I was with, Elder Barker, is deathly afraid of snakes. He ran out of the room as soon as the members walked in with it. (Feb 13)
This is of the FHE that we had last Monday. (Feb 13)

This is me and my district earlier today eating at Alvinos. I'm the only American in my district. There's 7 missionaries there cause one is taking the pic, he's not in my district though. (Feb 20)
This is me and Elder Kornegay. He's in my zone. He's a really nice guy. He came into the mission a transfer after I did. I'm really gonna miss seeing him in the zone. (Feb 20)
This is this way sweet sign we saw at this restaurant. I figured I fit the requirements they were looking for so I took a pic with the sign. (Feb 20)

This is of us and the zone leaders at the beach!! (Feb 20)

This is me and the primary that came to church last Sunday. There's usually a lot more. (Feb 20)
This is of me and the youth. I'll really miss them. They had me speak to them my last Sunday and it was really fun. (Feb 20)
This is of me and Elder Cobing, my new companion. We were eating a coconut. (Mar 12)

This is just of this cool view that I liked. (Mar 12)

I'm with Elder Cobing my companion! (Mar 26)
I'm holding an actual turtle!! It was pretty heavy. (Mar 26)

Elder Fronk is the darker one and Elder Shepardson is the whiter one. Elder Shepardson and I came into the Philippines together so we will be leaving together also. (Mar 26)
Sorry I've slacked off! So Steven is now on a on an island called Cataingan, which is the farthest area south you can go in the mission. The mission president has never even been there! He also had a birthday this past week and turned 21. AND he has a baptism tomorrow! I will try to be better about posting! So sorry!!

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