Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elder Salas...a TRAINER?!

Nov 28th Email: 

Mission News: Ok now for the crazy CRAZY part. So this transfer is now over. So my companion was transferred to Daet to be a zone leader there, which is cool cause he's still in my zone so I'll see him all the time. I have been called on to train a new missionary coming from the MTC! I am very, very nervous and scared. It's not normal for an American who has only been here for 4.5 months to train. I don't feel ready at all with the language. I don't know yet if I'll be training a Filipino or an American but there's a very high chance it will be an American. Which means i will know more Tagalog than he will and will have to carry and control the lessons. Which i do not feel ready to do at all. I'm so so humbled to be called to do this, especially this early in my mission. Wednesday I go to Naga to pick up my new companion. The training program is 3 months which means I'll be in Talisay another 3 months which means I'll be there for a total of 7.5 months. Which is okay cause I really like that area. I'm just so so scared. This is a point in my life where i will literally rely wholly on the Lord cause i CANNOT do this by myself. I still struggle understanding what people say to me. It's just going to be very difficult.

This is the baptismal font. It's outside which is kinda crazy.
This is the church building here in Talisay.
This is of the my district and the zone leaders out to eat on Thanksgiving!
 Dec 5th Email:

Mission News: The Lord has blessed me a lot this week! Thanks for fasting for me mom. I fasted also the day before we picked up the new missionaries. So Wednesday we went to Naga for trainer's training. That was really good. Then Thursday we met our new trainees. I was so so nervous. So I got assigned to train Elder Datu! He's a Filipino and he's way nice. His desire to be obedient is very strong which is way good. His English isn't very good at all though so we only speak Tagalog. Which is helping my Tagalog progress a lot faster cause with Elder Ramos he was really good with English so we spoke English a lot. So now I'm the senior companion so I have to lead the lessons and carry them out. Which I didn't think I would be able to do at all. But the Lord blessed me so much and helped me understand just enough so that I can know how to respond and know what they're saying. I know some of those blessings are a result of our obedience. We're really trying to be exactly obedient. It's crazy to think I'll be here in Talisay for 3 more months. But that's okay cause I really like this area and I really like the Bishop here.

So we don't really have a Christmas dinner here. We do have a ward christmas party though!

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